Maria Montessori

A Montessori environment allows children to work at their own pace, and not be confined by learning math at 11 am, and moving on to science at 11:30 am.  Because of this freedom of work, no one day at CMA is exactly like another.  Below are some basic ideas of what your children will be doing on an average school day.

Concrete House

In the Concrete House, Kindergarteners have journal, story time, and circle time each morning along with phonics, and math.  In the afternoon they work on handwriting, have more story time, and depending on the day will attend PE, Spanish, library, art, or music class.

Imagination House

In the Imagination House, 1-3 graders have journal, handwriting, math, phonics, and depending on the day they will attend PE, Spanish, library, art, or music class.  In the afternoon they work on individual reading, social studies, science, and have time for teachers to read aloud to the class.

Creativity House

In our class students take part in literature circles, where they work at their own literacy level.  They experiment in small science lab groups.  They receive math and social studies instruction in smaller, grade-level groups.  There is occasionally some whole-class instruction, like when we correspond with our Peace Corps pen pal.  We also have PE, Spanish, Music, Art, & Library once a week.

Wisdom House

Every day is different for the 7th and 8th graders in our Wisdom House.  All students study English language arts and science. Seventh graders cover Geography of the Eastern Hemisphere and pre-algebra.  Eighth graders study American history up to Civil War Reconstruction and algebra.  Students select 3 classes from gym, Spanish, vocal and/or instrumental music and art, which are offered 3 times per week.