Middle School

The middle school curriculum is built upon the Montessori foundation laid in the prior levels and takes the ideals of movement, choice, intrinsic motivation, and collaborative group learning to the next level for secondary abstract learners. The curriculum is integrated, individualized, academically challenging and meets the developmental needs of each child, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.

Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Science uses the North American Montessori Center curriculum that is aligned to common core state standards.

Subject areas include:

  • Language Arts (grammar, reading, study of words, creative and expository writing, grammar, vocabulary and etymology)
  • Math (arithmetic, geometry, algebra)
  • Geography (physical, political, economical), Social World and History
  • Natural World (life science, physical science, earth science, chemistry)
  • Practical Life (economics and business, health and nutrition, community service)

Students build time lines, experience hands-on learning, research and present written reports and projects weekly and enhance technology and social skills.  Related immersion activities and trips complement the curriculum.

Additionally, to support adolescents in their Personal World during this time of change, students work and reflect daily to develop and define their identity. Organizational skills, personal accountability, and independence are developed through the use of daily, weekly and cycle-long management and communication tools.  Daily morning meetings encourage citizenship, a necessary sense of fun, and grace and courtesy, as well as providing the integral social needs of the adolescent learner.