A Message From Our Head of School

Dear MMAEC Family,

Our staff is looking forward to the return of our students for the 2023-24 school year. We have plenty of positive changes with our staff, our building and our campus.

We are fortunate to have the majority of our staff returning this year, but this year you will see a few new and welcoming faces. Our new staff members are Ms. Meagan, Ms. Kristen, Ms. Kathy and Ms. Emily. We are very excited to have them joining our current staff. Our teaching staff worked hard over the summer with Ms. Jori to identify our Essential Standards for English Language Arts. They have also been working on restructuring our Standard-Based Report card format, which we are looking forward to rolling out this year! Our staff has also been entrenched in professional development around the Montessori Model and our student assessment tools. We are excited how that will translate into the instruction and evaluation inside the classroom.

Speaking of classrooms, we will be experiencing some changes this coming school year, with the constriction project that should be completed by mid-December. Our west wing of three classrooms will be gutted to make room for four new classrooms that will continue to be the home of our upper elementary and middle school classrooms. We will be inconvenienced for a brief time, but it will be well worth it once we recapture that space! You will also notice that Mr. Ron and Ms. Michelle has been very busy inside the building. They made improvements to the kitchen, restrooms, 1st through 3rd grade hall and the main office area. The building looks better than it has in years, there are to many changed to mention them all!

Wait until you see the improvements outside! Ms. Sue wrote a grant for a new playground set for our young students and it is ready for action. The PTO generously donated monies towards a new Gaga Pit to replace our old setup. We also upgraded portions of the existing playground equipment with new mulch. We will be meeting with our environmental team in the newer future to discuss future plans for garden areas and improving our grounds to encourage outside learning areas for our students.

We are going to have a great year at MMAEC and we are so happy to have you all along for the ride!!

Environmentally yours,

Mr. Brad