Great Things I Noticed This Week – November 14th

The students pictured below are practicing a team-building activity related to Restorative Practice.

Restorative Practice is a school-wide initiative at MMAEC. Staff have been trained in school teaching and learning approaches that encourage behavior that is both supportive and respectful. It puts the ownership on individuals to be accountable for their behavior and to repair any harm caused to others as a result of their actions.

Circles: This approach is sometimes called circle time, where the whole class forms a circle to interact. This promotes inclusiveness and promotes opportunities for everyone to speak and listen to one another in a safe environment.

In the Oak Room, students used a ball of yarn to create a web of connection. This allows each student to see that they are connected and the web shows support for the hard work they have all done, and the great things that are still to come. For this, they each shared one thing they thought a peer has brought to their classroom.

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