Staff Spotlight: Adrianne Schmidt

Adrianne Schmitt Staff Spotlight

Adrianne Schmidt plays a vital role in Muskegon Montessori Academy of Environmental Change’s daily success. Her title may be office manager, but her work plays a huge role in achieving MMAEC’s goals and establishing its culture. She is at the front line of school and creates a welcoming environment that is inclusive of everyone.

From running the enrollment process to cleaning closets, she always has a smile on her face. She works side-by-side with Ali DuBois, Head of School at MMAEC, and together they often tackle issues that come along.

Her Journey
Ms. Adrianne started as a teacher’s aide in a Montessori school many years ago. Thinking that she would go to college to obtain her teaching degree, she ended up with a degree in business. She went to school during a time when there were not many teaching positions available and was leary that at the end of completing her degree, she would not have a job. After completing her degree, she worked for eight years at a bank doing various things such as accounting, customer service, mortgages, lending services, etc.

Then, a friend called her and informed her about this Montessori school in Muskegon. Loving the Montessori curriculum, she immediately looked it up and found out about this office manager position.

Leaving her job at the credit union and coming to MMAEC has been the best choice that she could have ever made. It has been an incredible fit for her two passions coming together. She loves that the position is a balance between her love for kids and her business background. She commented, “All of the stars aligned at the right time.” She is grateful.

Daily Life
Ms. Adrianne’s daily routine is never the same. There is always something going on at MMAEC and she is the person who organizes it. She does all the regular secretarial stuff (i.e. answering phones, emails, etc.), school financial responsibilities (accounts payable and accounts receivables), purchasing, and payroll.

Ms. Adrianne is also responsible for the enrollment process, state and authorizer reporting and compliance, maintain safety drill logs and procedures and arranging for substitutes.

“Everyday is different and I love that. It keeps me motivated and ready for whatever comes my way. I’m proud to be part of the MMAEC community and love the variety of work that I get to be involved with,” Adrianne said.

Unsung hero
However, it is the things that touch students’ lives that go unnoticed that truly make her the hero of students. Sometimes kids come down and take a break or nap near her desk. She has made the environment a place where there is not a stigma to come to the office. In fact, many kids feel so comfortable that they visit often. It gives her an opportunity to provide encouragement and lift them up.

The other duties as assigned on her job description can mean a myriad of things that makes her the hero! She can be found stepping into a classroom to help a teacher, unclogs toilets, doing landscape, painting and most recently turning Ms. Ali’s office into an IEP/parent conference meeting room.

She also gets an up-close look at some of the struggles that are happening with students outside of the classroom. These students tug at her heart and she looks out for them. She has seen students who struggle call MMAEC a safe, caring and stable place to be during the day. She believes that if she can provide these things for students, then the triple down effect will be that they will become more successful at MMAEC and as adults.

Ms. Adrianne is an unsung hero. She makes magic happen in and outside of the classroom. Her impact makes a difference.