Great Things I Noticed this Week – October 24

In the Montessori setting, students of all ages explore using all of their senses, starting in the early years curriculum. Practical life and sensorial activities offer our young learners opportunities to develop manipulative skills and eye-hand coordination as well as problem-solving and thinking skills. This early exploration promotes independence along with creative thinking for academic work.

In this week’s photos, you see students in the Cherry Room with Ms. Sue and Ms. Lea learning about shapes, colors, textures and letter sounds. Even our youngest learners at age 4 are showing their ability to choose their work which demonstrates continuous independence and builds their self-esteem.

Students work on projects in the Cherry Room Students in the Cherry Room work with their Montessori resources to work on colors and shapes 2 young students at MMAEC work on shapes and colors together at their desk. 3 young MMAEC Students are working on letter sounds and textures together in the Cherry Room

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