Great Things I Noticed This Week – October 31

Instead of starting STEAM as originally planned, we are excited to share that we have begun our new course at MMAEC, which is Eco-Art and it started on 10-26-22! So far, students of all ages are showing high engagement, they are intrigued to learn new terms, use new materials, and are excited to continue. Classes rotate their time with Ms. Andria to allow more visits in smaller time chunks for our younger students and our older students visit the studio less, but have a substantial amount of time to start bigger projects that might take longer to complete.

As an environmental school, we have envisioned this class to incorporate traditional genres, and modern art, and address nature as it’s a natural recurring theme in visual arts.

Young MMAEC student smiling at camera with mortar and pestle in the classroom. Young MMAEC Student uses neon paint in the classroom

Moving forward, we plan on focusing on ways to use recycled art as a part of our environmental focus to use what we would, in other words, define as waste. This may include a variety of materials such as; plastic, metal, paper, electronic waste, or any other found objects. This also brings awareness to recycling, which we do weekly at MMAEC. We will share what we may need as we plan our lessons.

Young MMAEC students sit with their teacher in the front of the classroom

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