Hard work shows in our State Index scores

Way to go MMAEC. Our state index standing increased to 95.32

We are so proud of our students, staff and teachers have worked tirelessly for this honor. A score of 95.32 is something to share and be proud of! Not only is it an amazing score, but we received the highest elementary score in all of Muskegon Area ISD! Their hard work is paying off and continues to make Muskegon Montessori Academy of Environmental Change such an amazing learning environment for our students. 

Wondering what the index score is? The Michigan School Index System measures public school performance in six key areas—student growth, student proficiency, school quality/student success, graduation rate, English Learner progress, and assessment participation. Schools receive credit in each area based on the degree to which it meets the state targets and an overall index value ranging from 0-100.

To learn more about the Index ranking, visit: https://www.mischooldata.org/SchoolIndex2/Location.aspx