Muskegon Montessori Academy of Environmental Change achieves highest academic scores in Muskegon county

Muskegon County 2019 M-Step: Highest percent proficient in Math & ELA for combined grades

Every year, MMAEC takes the M-STEP to compare their academic progress in comparison to other Muskegon county schools and the rest of the state. For the first time, MMAEC ranked first in Mathematics and ELA in combined grades overall. This is an outstanding achievement and one that needs celebrating! 

The M-STEP is Michigan’s mandated state assessment for public elementary and middle school students. The assessment evaluates performance in English language arts and mathematics, along with science and social studies in select grades. It is given primarily online each spring and designed to gauge how well students are mastering state standards. 

“This is an incredible accomplishment. MMAEC is reaching academic achievements that are outstanding!” Stan Rathburn, Superintendent of MMAEC, commented. “I am so proud of the MMAEC staff who are committed to its students. They are thriving and achieving greatness. These scores are representative of its students and what charter schools can achieve. We are very proud!”

“These scores reflect the hard work that the staff and families pour into our students every single day. We work hard so that students can perform and achieve excellence. We couldn’t be more proud of our students and the community. This is something to celebrate,” Ali DuBois, Principal at MMAEC, said. 

Highest in Muskegon County

M-STEP Mathematics – 59.5%

M-STEP ELA – 60.1%

M-STEP Overall – 59.8%