Great Things I Noticed This Week – September 3rd

On Friday, we had our first school-wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) celebration! Our PBIS team worked diligently throughout the summer to re-establish our PBIS program. With that, we have a new behavior matrix for all locations and each classroom has a tree and the opportunity to earn leaves to fill their tree. Being Montessori, we are built around and focus on intrinsic motivation, however, we recognize that this doesn’t work for all kids. We also follow state expectations and best practices of recognizing those that are following the behaviors listed in our matrix through PBIS. Therefore, the leaves are for the whole class and are given by working together. This specifically focuses on our Restorative Practices and how we are a class community.

Ms. Nicoe’s room (Pine Room) had the most leaves this month and therefore they got to host the school-wide zoom celebration! They were able to lead the school in a morning meeting, shared wonderful things they are doing in their room (learning days of the week in Spanish), and finally, a few students recognized either staff or peers in the school for positive behavior. This was such a delight for all!

The Pine Room hosted a celebration for their students on their achievements in the PBIS program

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